Teresa O’Connor — SeasonalWisdom.com blogger & co-author, “Grocery Gardening”

Teresa O'Connor 2014Teresa O’Connor is an author and speaker about gardening, food and seasonal living. Trained as a Master Gardener in California and Idaho, she has written for Fine Gardening, Coastal Home, Horticulture and Gardening How-To Magazine. Teresa is a national garden expert for Fiskars and a monthly contributor to the National Home Gardening Club’s website. She co-authored Grocery Gardening: Planting, Preparing and Preserving Fresh Food (Cool Springs Press, 2010). Thousands know Teresa as “Seasonal Wisdom” from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and her blog – SeasonalWisdom.com – which TV personality/tastemaker P. Allen Smith called one of “Ten Great Garden Blogs.”
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Kitchen Gardens with Style
Design Secrets for both Beauty & Bounty
Fri, Feb 7 at 5:30 pm / Rainier Room

Who says gardens with vegetables, fruits and herbs aren’t attractive? With the right plants and design principles, your kitchen garden can be a “work of art.” Learn how to apply the best practices of landscape design to your edible garden, and see plant hybrids and heirlooms that are just as gorgeous as your prized flowers. This lively presentation features plenty of photos and practical tips. SeasonalWisdom.com blogger Teresa O’Connor shares design secrets from beautiful kitchen gardens; detailed plant lists with unusually attractive edibles, such as blue corn; helpful advice for incorporating edibles with your ornamental plants and inspiring ideas for using hardscaping and ornamentation to add drama and beauty to edible gardens.

Top Gardening Mistakes…
… And How to Avoid Them!
Sat, Feb 8 at 10:45 am / Hood Room

Whether it’s trying to grow a plant in the wrong spot or not preparing the soil properly or fertilizing a shrub half to death, we’ve all made some of these common mistakes in our gardens. Drawing from contemporary and historical gardening advice, this lively presentation will Identify the most common gardening mistakes and explains why you want to avoid them. Teresa shares expert advice from some of the world’s leading gardeners from today and yesterday and shows great solutions for fixing these problems, and making your garden the healthiest and most attractive it can be.

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This is so cool! So interesting, with lots of options given depending on one’s garden. Teresa is a warm and friendly speaker. Have her back!



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